Services to help you succeed.

The opposite of one-size-fits-all, we offer six service areas that are all completely customizable and cost-effective. They are built to free up your time, so you can focus on developing other parts of your business.

map of current and upcoming CMC location coverage
CMC Shared Sales Reps icon

Shared Sales Reps

The sales team you always wanted and needed

No longer worry about running a sales team. With our reps being industry experts who focus on growing your beverage brands in both on- and off-premise accounts every day, we have you covered.

With non-competing brands in a 1 of 3 or 1 of 4 supplier model, you’re guaranteed dedicated facetime with buyers at a mix of independent and chain accounts.

Our street-level reps track all of their account visits with VIP – KARMA, so you have access to all the intel, along with weekly recaps.

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Deepen your roots or go National.

By leveraging our distributor relationships, we’ll expand your brand by launching in new markets or new states faster than you thought was possible.

With our industry network spanning nationwide, you’ll bypass all the headaches and roadblocks to achieving your expansion goals. We cut through all the red tape standing in your way.

No longer dig for the right contact at every distributor. We’ve already vetted and partnered with the best of the best in every area.

CMC Key Accounts Management icon

Key Accounts Management

Built-in relationships and brand storytelling.

Our strong relationships with buyers mean we do the heavy lifting for all introductions, meetings, and communications.

With data at the heart of our strategy, we tell your story in a meaningful way that connects with distributors and buyers, while ensuring national programs hit the mark.

With our distributor interface, we handle all the things you secretly hate – inventory management, execution follow up, performance recaps, and management of incentives, training, and launch plans.

CMC Wholesaler Management icon

Data Insights Management

Investment and share of mind.

We utilize our team’s wealth of knowledge, distributor relationships, and market analytics to ensure your brands are set up for success in every market across the U.S.

We ensure you maintain share of mind with your distribution partners, so they’re engaged with and genuinely excited about your beverage brand.

With our data-driven approach, we help you set market-specific goals, track throughout the year, and execute your KPIs to achieve maximum results.

CMC Retail Marketing Programs

Retail Marketing Programs

Custom-designed and executed.

Our approach is anything but cookie cutter. Every program is completely unique and tailored to each of our partners’ goals.

We take our retail marketing programs from inception and ideation all the way to in-store execution and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Collaboration is key as we work with your marketing team to develop programs that grow consumer engagement, land floor displays, and achieve prime product placement.

CMC Point of Sale icon

Point of Sale

Start to finish and everything in between.

To optimize our partners’ marketing efforts at street level, we handle everything related to POS, so guesswork becomes a thing of the past.

With our industry expertise, you’ll be ahead of your competitors as ideation, design work, procurement, distributor orders, and warehousing solutions are done without any hold ups.

To boost sales and further promote your beverage brand, we’ll coordinate the production and placement of giveaways and merchandise.